Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Just Wood Pellets?

Not only have we been selling animal bedding for over twenty years, we also have horses ourselves. We are therefore perfectly placed to give you first hand advice on your bedding requirements. We also have Biomass boilers and RHI grants so have first hand experience with the products.

Are Just Wood Pellets certified?

We are proud to tell our customers that all our pellets are BSL(0051405-0004) and FSC certified.

How would you recommend I use the pellets?

Like all types of bedding there is no perfect way that suits every horse, every groom and every stable location. We are very happy to answer any of your questions and give advice.

Is it cheaper than other types of bedding?

Yes, when you weigh up the total winter spend on pellets as opposed to shavings and other processed bedding, you will find not only a money saving but also far less time spent mucking out.

Most wood pellet companies can be contacted between 9-5pm Monday-Friday. What about you?

You can contact Norman on 07967783813 any day and at any time.

I am always worried about putting a bed down for my horse with a recycled product that could have been contaminated with something nasty.

You have no worries when you buy from Just Wood Pellets as we only use specific pellets made from processed virgin pine.

Okay then - how many different ways could you put the wood pellets down?

Lay the pellets on the floor then add water, or put the bags on the floor split them open then add water, or fill your barrow with pellets and again add water.

I am always afraid of my horse getting cast, so can I make a bank in my stable?

Yes, there is no problem making a bank out of the pellets once you have activated them.

My horse is very dirty and box walks. Would you recommend we use pellets?

Don’t let anyone tell you there is a perfect bedding for this type of horse - there isn’t. The reason we would use pellets in this situation is because it will be the most cost effective.

What are wood pellets like to skip out?

It is very easy and simple as the droppings stay on the top and are easily visible. Special pellet forks are available to make it easier.

What about taking the wet out?

Again, it’s very simple, just take the wet out as you would normally do and cover the wet patch with new pellets.

Compared to other types of bedding, are wood pellets absorbent?

Yes, pellets are probably the most absorbent bedding product on the market today

Are the pellets dusty?

Just Wood Pellets are manufactured to the minimum dust specification with a double dust extraction process. Due to the nature of the product and how it is activated there is very little or no dust in the bed.

You said your pellets are made from pine - does this mean there will be a fragrance in the stable?

Yes, our customers love the ongoing pleasant fragrance in the stable, especially when they top up.

How many bags would you recommend I put down initially?

This depends on how you like your bed. In a 12x12 stable the average is about 6x 15kg bags, and this will give you a nice thick bed when activated.

How long does it take a bed to get fully activated before I can put my horse on it?

Usually from a new clean stable floor it takes about 45 minutes before you can put your horse on it.

What types of floor can I put pellets on?

Any type of floor. However, these days the majority of stable floors are rubber matting. We would recommend that you use our specialist pellet fork when mucking out.

How many bags should I use per week?

An average of one 15kg bag.

What does BSL mean?

From the 5th October 2015 all pellets sold as a fuel should be registered on the Biomass Suppliers List. Customers who are receiving RHI grants for fuel must buy from a registered supplier, otherwise they won’t receive their grant payment. Our BSL registered number is: 0051405-0004

Does BSL mean anything when you buy pellets for horses?

No it doesn’t, but it does give you the assurance that you are buying from a reputable supplier.

Are there any storage advantages when you buy pellets?

Yes, there are tremendous advantages. On a relatively small pallet you will get 66 bags, whereas if you were storing straw or shavings you would need double the storage space.

Do "Just Wood Pellets" fluff up?

Most wood pellets fluff up or expand. Our animal specific pellets expand on average four times their original pellet size, considerably more than the average wood pellet.

These days disposing of the muck heap is getting very expensive. Will my muck heap be bigger?

Quite the opposite - we can guarantee your muck heap will be reduced by 50%.

What size bags do you sell the pellets in?

Most customers like the 15kg bags as they are the ideal size for people of all sizes and strengths to manage. We also sell them in 1 tonne tote bags.

What about paying the correct VAT on pellets?

When you buy wood pellets it is your responsibility to inform your supplier of the intended use. If you use them for burning it is 5% VAT, for any other purpose it is 20% VAT